Camp Mathetes – Finding Faith

We know what you’re thinking… Is this article about some Math Tuition Coaching Camp? No! Mathetes, pronounced as Ma-thet-tes, means “Disciple”, and was a camp organized by Parra Ministries, Thiruvalla, Kerala in order for youth like us to get closer to Christ. Furthermore, Parra means rock and symbolizes that together with Christ we become unshakable at what hardships life throws in our

Day 1:
With mixed emotions we started our journey to the Transworld Radio camp site. After settling in, we were welcomed with Parra’s ROCKING performance – hollered out by the amazing, wild, curly-haired Joe. Our minds had been opened by the fact that we can worship the Lord and enjoy raw music (strummed and drummed out by the Parra band) at the same time. Next, we were divided into teams named after each disciple of Christ. Our first task of the day was to make a poster based on discipleship. Following which was the major event “Parra Olympics”! It was a sequence of nine amazingly bizarre and crazy set of team games by the end of which we were completely drenched with water, covered in mud and cramped with pain. But as much as we were exhausted, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, creating new bonds with one another. It was great because seniors and juniors came together as one and by the end of it we were highly protective and proud of our
respective teams.We also learnt a ridiculously funny ‘Camp Mathetes signature move’ that pumped us up all the time. After a sumptuous meal, we danced to the beats of Parra’s lively music; after which we hit the bed like never before, unfortunately to be awakened by the sound of an abominable and irritating siren at six in the morning!

Day 2:
With lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ due to the muscle-tightening pain we had received, we
managed to take part in a significant and peaceful team devotion, followed by a
meaningful session in which a very hairy Vin shared his emotional testimony. During these three days, our Bible study, which was led by The Chief, was focused upon Psalms 1:1-6 and was very enlightening.There were four workshops planned out for us and we could choose to go to any one of them. The first was on how to improve one’s prayer life, the second called ‘Mission Tools’ was on how to spread the word of the gospel, the third being dance, and last was the ‘Doc workshop’ where we were taught to bring the Bible to science and not the other way around and were educated regarding basic life support.
Then it was time for the most awaited fun at the beach. Parra had organized a tug-of-war and team James won! Everyone enjoyed thoroughly in the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal. After a nice shower, we danced to another round of marvelous Parra action and after such a chock-a-block day, we again slept like babies.

Day 3:
Thankfully they took pity on us, and the next
morning was a late rising followed by team devotion. To our surprise, a lot of the faculties of PIMS joined us for service that morning, which included action songs! After a delicious lunch, we prepared for the ‘Tableau competition’ based on our own team names. The camp ended with all of us pleading the band to perform songs so that we could dance till our feet went sore and till they could sing no more. After a mind-blowing fun filled weekend, we didn’t want to leave and get back to our original schedules but we were left with no choice! The weekend left us with new friends and a lot of cherished memories. Bidding adieu to the Parra team was honestly one of the hardest things. We sincerely thank the Management and Renu ma’am for organizing and encouraging us to attend such an amazing camp. We especially thank Rev. Anand Peacock for his initiative and support without which, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. We are certainly looking forward to the next one! Go Camp Mathetes!

-Anisha and Joan “Sonu” Kisku


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