You must be wondering why I am calling you “Friend” – we hardly know each other! Well I’ll tell you, I’m going to help you understand a few things. Doesn’t that make us friends? It sure does! Here goes! You know when someone does you wrong; we don’t reason their side, everybody speaks of empathy but no one practices it. Now I’m going to advocate their side, the side that no one bothered to understand.

You know that boy who is always rude, selfish and hurtful? Yeah, his mother is suffering from Stage IV Gastric Carcinoma. Her doctor said that they diagnosed it way too late; she has maybe a few months maximum, that too with a lot of medication and lifestyle restrictions. He has a little sister who is still in school and a dad who cares for now; but that could change. Grief does things to people. It changes them. That boy is worried about his family. That is all he can think about.

Do you know that girl who you see always around boys? She has more guy friends than girl friends? You always hear the worst rumors about her? Yeah, she was molested by her school bus driver at the age of six. By eleven years, she and her family moved in with her uncle and her cousin used to touch her – a lot. She didn’t like it but he was family and she didn’t want to ruin the relationship her mother and uncle had. She’s kinda messed up in the head; she knows that and she’s trying to figure herself out.

You know that one batchmate who always has his head in the books – never goes out, never has fun and never does anything? He was the first one to go to college in his family and he’s scared out of his mind that he’ll lose his scholarship. But you don’t care – do you? He is just a ‘nerd’.

You know that one professor who always gives her students the hardest time in class, always pushes them further, makes them more attentive in class and yells at them all the time? Yeah, that professor was one mark short from getting the postgraduate course of her choice; the one that she had been slogging her butt off for all these years! She doesn’t want you to go through the same hell she did. She cares about you.

So all I want to say to you my friend is that next time, reserve your judgments. Think twice before you say something about someone you don’t even know. You don’t actually know anybody’s story. People don’t like to talk about the difficult things in life; this is the simple, sad truth. So friend, smile more! Say dumb jokes, laugh at silly things, forget the hate and spread the LOVE! This life is way too short.

Yours truly,

That friend who cares.


P.S. Any resemblance to any character mentioned in the above article is purely coincidental and has no connection to any persons dead or living.



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