Do you ever remember rolling on the floor laughing while watching a superhero film? Back in 2008, Christopher Nolan‘s ‘The Dark Knight’ astounded audiences as to how mature comic book based films have become and revolutionised superhero films forever. Deadpool is the height of maturity these films have reached so far, so much so that it is A-rated. Oh, and coming back to how funny superhero films are, sure Ant-Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy had a lot of laughable moments, but they don’t come anywhere close to Deadpool. The film is riddled with jokes and pop-culture references from start to finish.

Coming to the plot, Wade Wilson, is a mercenary with an out of the ordinary sense of humour whom, as he quotes, about himself, “is a bad guy who messes up worse guys”. He is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Vanessa but as fate would have it, he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He then takes up an offer from an unknown organisation to cure him off his cancer giving him superhuman abilities but also side-effects. He then decides to hunt the man responsible for his condition. Of course there is that typical gruesome origin story seen in most superhero films but what if I told you that the writers have managed to find humour even in the most depressing scenes? I swear, if the movie wasn’t funny then it’d be ‘12 Years A Slave’.

From a gullible Indian taxi driver to Wilson’s blind old roommate, there are a lot of scenes and and small characters that make you laugh so hard.Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a superhero film is the action. The action sequences in the film are downright awesome, if you’re a fan of blood and violence.Probably the best raw action film I’ve watched since the Kick-Ass franchise. It’s one of those moments, where one thinks, “the action sequences are just like those of a Tarantino film”. Nah, I’m kidding, there would be much more blood on screen if he directed it.And Ryan Reynolds. He is the soul and the absolute driving force of this film.

To be honest, I was quite skeptical about the film when Marvel Studios announced that Reynolds would be reprising the role of Wade Wilson after the god-awful portrayal of Deadpool in the God awful X Men Origins: Wolverine. But this time, the character is much more authentic and straight out of the comics as to the delight of the fans. Funnily though, they even poke fun by making references of the former portrayal. For some reason, while watching the film, a small part of me kept thinking, this character is tailor-made for Jim Carrey. Its basically Ryan Reynolds acting as Jim Carrey in a red and black costume beating criminals to a pulp. A lot of Deadpool’s mannerisms do remind you of Carrey‘s antiques in films such as The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Probably if Carrey was younger, it would’ve been an even more joyful ride, not disrespecting Reynolds‘s efforts of course.

It’s amazing that Marvel Studios have expanded their horizon, moving away from cliched stunt sequences, typical superhero punch-lines and mindless emotional scenes to just two and a half hours of pure awesomeness.
Deadpool quotes “Life is full of train-wrecks interrupted by brief happy moments in the form of commercials”. So, if you’re feeling low or alone on Valentine’s day like most of us are (just kidding, just me), Deadpool is the movie for you.

-Sharath Nallaperumal


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