It creeps up like a thick fog; Like a wild, unkempt, dark wolf it prowls with its bright, jet-black eyes, glistening and staring at you – never losing its focus. Teeth gleaming in the darkness, it licks its lips and salivates. Thinking it would hardly do any harm, that it is something you could easily step away from – you linger. There is a sort of fascination.
Then, slowly but surely, it envelops you, like a python that has captured its prey as it winds tighter and tighter. However, unlike in the wild, here you unknowingly or knowingly yearn to get strangulated; you derive this sort of, sick pleasure; you acquire a sense of accomplishment. It is the forbidden fruit which looks so juicy and delicious.
You are very well aware that you should not go anywhere near it – yet, you inch nearer and
nearer, reaching out for it. Like that box Pandora was strictly instructed not to open – you know that it is undoubtedly bad. Yet, the curious soul in us humans never fails to ask, ‘What if?’. So we list out all the possibilities and being biased fools, we always go for the happy ending, the option which is ‘Yes, everything will all work out in the end’. We think we are strong, that nothing could faze us; but then again, curiosity killed the cat.We aren’t fortune-tellers with crystal balls to know what exactly happens in the future. We approach it as though we have an idea and a nice, fancy net. We think it is some sort of fish, shimmering under the water vivaciously and we cast our nets to catch it, only to realize that we’ve ended up catching a shark, that can pull us overboard and drag us deeper and deeper into sea. We scoff at our parents, ‘Well what do you know?’ but we fail to realize that they knew about the shark, that they know how deep we could get, even if we didn’t initially mean to. We do not.
So the Pandora in us opens the box and lets out all the world’s misfortunes. And then we get wasted as though we have acquired the Consumption. We dig our own graves. We trudge along with our daily lives, in a barren land with the sun beating down on our backs, with a psychosis that nobody can see. Then, after we get the guts to overcome our insatiable thirst, we think, ‘What was the point of all this? What have we achieved?’
Like wild horses, they move so fast. It is peer pressure, like a sort of herd effect telling us ‘oh you must not get left behind; you need to follow the crowd’. However, you need not fall for that. You do not need it. Yes, you don’t. You must always move at your own pace; be as slow as a tortoise if you need to. The right people will respect your decisions. The wrong people are out there being selfish dead in the night, devouring lost souls, having ‘the time of their lives’ or so it seems.
Temptation – the death of us all.

by Rhea Suzanne John

Published by PIMScope

PIMScope is a triannual magazine of Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, brought out by the PIMScope editors.

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