tête-à-tête with SKRAT

SKRAT, a live-wire, high energy, three-piece garage rock band from Chennai was one of the highlights of AURA 2k16. The band composing of TT Sriram (vocals and guitars), Satish Narayanan (bass and backing vocals) and Tapas Naresh (drums and backing vocals) have known each other since college days. Their first full length album, ‘Bring Out The Big Guns’ etched their place in India’s rock culture. Great chemistry and witty one-liners made them a success as they toured through the South and performed over 160 shows. Over a fun conversation with foreman TT Sriram on Facebook (Yes, we are friends!), we
discussed quite a few things. A few excerpts…

How did SKRAT start? How long have you been together?
We were friends who knew how to play instruments. It was inevitable! We turned 10 this July. But many changes have taken place. In its current avatar, it’s been 4 years.

Why the name SKRAT?
Ha-ha…No one thought the band was goingto make it big. The idea came up when Tapas and I were watching ‘Ice Age’, and we decided to call the band, SKRAT but with a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ for copyright issues! 😛

Is music your only career?                                                                                                                     Music is purely my passion. But I have a day job as of now. (Can’t live on Indie Rock as of yet,unless you’re willing to compromise!)

How would you describe your genre of music?
I grew up listening to country, blues and swingpop. When I was in college, rock music had my interest. But as of now, I am leaning towards being a singer-songwriter.

Chennai or Bangalore; which has a better music
In terms of gigs and people who get out of their houses to watch them and even pay for it, I think Bangalore. And it has great venues. But band-wise, I think Chennai can hold its own. Or rather artist-wise.

If you guys were to feature one band with you for
the rest of your lives, which band would it be?
Hmmm… It would actually differ with the other two members of the band. But right now, I
think it would be, ‘As We Keep Searching’ from Ahmedabad.

Boy bands or Rock bands; which do you think
turns on a lady more?
Hahaha…. Am I to stereotype woman now? I think food turns on a women more than

Where is your dream arena to play/favorite place
to play?
Dream arena – Wembley. A personal favorite would be ‘The Humming Tree’ in Bangalore.
Have any of you guys played for any movies? Not me! But the other two have as they do
music for a living.

How was your experience working with Farhan
and Vishal Dadlani?

What are your influences in music?
Foo Fighters, The Raconteurs, Royal blood, Queens of Stonage.

Who do you personally look up to in life?
Different people in different walks of life having different reasons. Hmm ….actually quite
a few.

Psst….do you have a girlfriend?

What do you think of the Rock Music Industry in
There is no industry. But there is a movement. And I feel it growing day by day.

Do you like beer?
LOVE IT! (PS: Drinking leads to health problems)

You are 28 years old, how do you think you would
be in another 10 years?
I haven’t changed much the last few years. And I don’t think I will for the next few years.

Favorite Harry Potter character?

Do you believe in God?
Yes, I exist.

-Anbalagan Sanchanaa




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