Cantata 2016

Keeping up with PIMS tradition, Cantata ’16, helmed by the batch of ’15-’16, lit up the auditorium on the 17th of December, 2016. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, and more importantly, a celebration of Christ’s birth on Earth. With all this in mind, the theme of this year’s festivities revolved around “This Christmas, Let’s believe.” For once in PIMS history, an event started on time. Everyone walked to the auditorium, bedecked with Santa’s toy shop in mind. The event started with a benediction, followed by the release of the 2017 PIMS calendar, as our Chairman awarded the winning photographers for their amazing work. This was followed by a short, but a powerful performance portraying the many vices of life, and that God is the only salvation. The highlight of the show, A Miracle on 34th Street, a light fare of music, laughs and most importantly, a sense of bringing back belief to a single mother and her daughter accompanied by the sweet choral tunes mulled everyone to an early Christmas. After this, the entire auditorium suddenly darkened, while the stage lit up with the synchronised choreography of hands bathed in ultraviolet light, in perfect harmony, conveying the message that when we are all down in life, God will be there to lift us up. As always, Cantata has been associated with charity and this year was no different. The batch of ’15-’16 came together to organise a food carnival amongst other initiatives to fundraise with the help of generous faculty and students. The evening ended with Strains of Silent Night ringing through the air, as everyone lit candles, expressing gratitude for everything we’ve received in the past year and seeking His blessing for an amazing year ahead. We would like to thank the Chairman, the Director- Principal, all faculty and students for their support and contribution.

By Adithya Padmanabhan


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