Faculty Night

Anticipation and excitement flooded the campus as every student at PIMS was looking forward to the most awaited “FACULTY NIGHT”! The auditorium was overflowing with people as the students waited anxiously to see what their professors had in store for them. Our teachers came up with the most entertaining and interesting programs which included amazing dances, incredible music, hilarious dramas, band performances that blew our mind, an outstanding impressionist and of course, the showstopper, the fashion show! The “HAPPY VIDEO” put together by the faculty to the song Happy by Pharell Williams was a delight to watch (for those of you who still haven’t seen it, it has been uploaded on YouTube). Snacks were provided for the audience too and believe me, it was a big box of deliciousness. The Grand Finale was the Fashion Show, where the faculty scorched the ramp as the students roared with glee. It was a joy to see our professors enjoying themselves on stage and portraying their talent to the fullest. We sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by our Professors creating such a wonderful evening. And when it seemed like it was finally over, the Council Batch of ’13-’14 surprised us all with an impromptu DJ night! Teachers and students together were dancing their hearts out on the dance floor! Right there, right then we created dozens of memories that all of us will remember and cherish for a long time. And that was a spectacular end to an amazing night.

By Sonu Kisku


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