“The horizon leans forward, offering space to place new steps of change.”
The farewell night, a cherished occasion to make new and re create memories was carried out on the 26th of September for our beloved senior batch of 12-13. The night amounted to a great success as we bid adieu to our seniors, in a setting amongst the galaxy amongst planets and spaceships. The well thought out decorations had the perfect amount of glitz and glamour. All the ladies dressed in their finest sarees and jewellery, and the men in their crisp suits were seated at their tables, enthralled, as their immediate juniors of the 13-14 batch dedicated a whole of 5 minutes each to talk about their seniors. They brought out the joy, tears and appreciation as well as collective cheers, as they spoke of cherished memories as well as reasons to revere these special people. Two wonderful dance performances by the batch of 15-16 and a music performance by the batch of 16-17, brought the show together to keep the buzz going. The night ended with a good hearty meal, followed by an immensely fun filled photo session with an instant photo booth, as our seniors took their last round of photos with batch mates and beloved juniors of all batches.
We bid farewell to our seniors as we assure them that their memories with us will last forever.

By Archana Kumar


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