The Chauvinist Speaks

With this article, I’m treacherously trespassing hostile territory, and
am fully cognizant of this fact. I may as well sacrifice a lifetime of being
loved, yet I choose to willingly defy what is fashionable within the
modern society, for what is life without dicey risks and public
This is the world we’ve painted; a man speaking up against feminism
is surely the antagonist. Who the hell is he, an entitled man trying to speak
his mind? He can offer no justification; the fact that he has the audacity to
ostensibly affront would mean he’s just another chauvinist pig. But I’m going on a disquisitive yet
confused mind’s quest for answers. With an outpour of raging feminism all around me, all I want to know really, is what you want. So take this not as a personal attack.
Let’s get a few things straight – I don’t abhor women! On the contrary, I deeply love them (shocker!).They make the world a better place. In the honorable words of Nas, this world is as much ours as it’s yours. If you’re clamoring for equal rights for women, for education, for jobs, for wages, for the freedom and liberty, for independence and individuality, I’m with you. To discriminate in any of these spheres on the basis of gender is unfair to me, and worth fighting for.
All I’m highlighting in this piece are the different definitions of feminism I’ve come across, and I’m just looking for the right one. I understand the need for feminism, and do not question it.
So anyway, let’s start with the easiest and tune up the band as we go along. There are few feminists who fight for independence on any medium they see, yet expect men to give up seats for them, open doors, drown themselves in chivalry, and basically expect to be treated like a princess.
I say balls to that.
Chivalry is an act of love and admiration rather than convention. Then why is it that this society shames a woman who reciprocates the very actions they demand? Aren’t we promoting the existing divide by placing women on a pedestal and asking men to channel their masculinity to treat them like a prize? This begs the question whether this pseudo-feminist wants to be treated like a human, or treated like a woman?
It has always been so, for women are the undeniably the fairer of the sexes. Why are most Bollywood movies about heroes fighting thugs, wars or dads to be with their lady loves? Would Titanic have worked if Kate Winslet had frozen to death while Di Caprio floated off? Aren’t we subconsciously allowing the entertainment industry to plant this idea in our heads?
Then there are those, whose entire idea of feminism benefits solely women. Aren’t we speeding completely to the opposite end of this gender extremist spectrum with this argument? A balance needs to be attained, after years of male favoritism, but isn’t this very idea what created a logjam in the first place?
So yeah, where exactly are you going with this? Basically, feminism is a pro-women movement, working towards gender equality? This baffles the living daylights out of me. Isn’t it a movement for equality for just women, which rather ironically makes it a movement for equality at all?
Are these issues worth fighting for women? Absolutely. Does that make this a movement for equality among men and women? No.
As an educated, connected individual with access to multiple modes of information I’m hard pressed to find feminist advocates protesting male discrimination when not many such issues, especially judicial and political, have been raised in front of me. That’s just, you know, my personal opinion.
But then, what do I know, entitled male that clearly cannot feel what you feel.
I am just, after all, A Zephyrian looking for answers.


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