A Letter To A Former Friend

Dear friend,
It has been four and a half years already. Let me break this down for you. You, my friend, will be leaving this college in another one year or so (that is, if we clear our final year exams in one go and finish our internship without any extensions). So, let me get to my point.

Do you remember me? I’m the friend you shook hands with on the first day of college and thought, ‘Yeah! I bet she’s gonna be my best friend!’ Thus we ended up being like the North and South poles of a magnet. We used to go everywhere together, eat together, sit in class and study together. I honestly thought that we would be best friends FOREVER!
For whatever reason, that friendship broke. You changed so much! Your behaviour, attitude, just about everything changed and honestly, that made me very angry. My anger lasted for days (months) and then finally my moment of clarity occurred. One day someone reminded me that I was an adult!

‘You don’t need people who don’t need you. Why do you care?! Just do your own thing and chill man.’ I can’t help the fact that you don’t want to be friends anymore. I realised that no one can love me more than me! It has been a few years since I made that discovery but I just can’t bring myself to talk to you. I tried but it just doesn’t happen. Just saying a casual ‘Hi’ seems to be a big thing now. I spent many days feeling sad and unhappy at the thought of us never being friends again. And then one day I just stopped. Stopped feeling sad, angry or having any sort of ill-fillings towards our past friendship because I realised that I will probably never see you again once college is over. So I decided that it’s about time I got back to you and tell you that I have learnt to accept the fact that not all people are the same. I have learnt to cherish all the people that have come into /left my life, to take the lessons that they have taught me and implement them into my life. I want to let you know that you were a significant part of my college life.
Even if I never work up the courage to say all this to your face, I will NEVER FORGET YOU! Since final year is stressful enough, can we be nicer to each other and diffuse some of the tension? Well, that’s all I had to say and I hope to hear from you soon.

A former friend


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