Hope In The Storm

No one ever gets used to me. No one is ever rid of me. I dwell deep within.
I can shatter the hardest of hearts and tear the softest of souls.
Time they say will heal, but I will always leave a scar.
Scar too deep that even healing will never make you forget my presence
I like to say that I am superior to all. I have no bound to whom I touch.

The seed of despair that I plant in you grow strong to blossom.
And with the help of each of my friends I grow mighty.
I make your worst fears come true. I make your tears run far.
I make your life feel heavy and I whisper in your ear, “There is no way out for you!”

I make you grow mad within. I make you feel hopeless.
I am a burden to deep to carry. I feed on your fears and worries.
I thrive on your tribulations and your anguish.
Every eye grows weak, every lip loses its colour, and even strength diminishes for the bravest of warriors.

I can be defeated. Oh yes, it is true! But many grow weak and surrender to me.
The secret to my defeat is known to few. Strong are those who face me and battle me hard.

Deep within the healing, I leave you a gift. You might not feel it at first, but it grows within you and each time I enter into your life I make this gift grow.
Though I clouded your mind, crushed your every thought, and broke all your promises,
I know that you will rise and light up your soul within.

I am not too bad after all. I am as pure as they come. No one is ever safe from me.
But lucky are those who never felt my presence.

By Divya Elizabeth Varughese


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