Our Mother, Our Pride

Into the world we came, to witness the universe;
Still then, hearing the beats of the foetal world;
Coming out with tears of pain and gain;
Indeed giving you the pain of joy.
Wrapped up in a pure cloth, thy showing the innocence of heart;
Reclining near the soul giving soul,
Establishing the everlasting joy in her heart;
Until she wishes us to have an exuberant life.
Growing in her serene shadow,
As the resplendent star among millions;
Reaching the zenith with her consecration;
Considering us as her small baby of virtue forever indeed.
Facing our hurdles, thus making our life without hurdles
Lifting our burdens with an unnoticed smile;
Indeed I won’t rest until the whole world knows that you are my mother,
And I will make you feel proud that I am your son!

By Judah


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