Out Of My Nest

When a bird hatches out from the egg, its mother is with it till it leaves to fly on its own. Later on, it is left on its own to explore the world and hunt food for itself. The same thing happens with us humans too. From the time a child is born till he or she finishes schooling, he is in a very protective environment. Once he finishes his schooling and steps out of his house he becomes mature. Going places to study, acquire knowledge. During the process, he is thrown into the open world knowing nothing and facing new people who behave totally different from how he behaves. But he is learning how to cope with the new surroundings away from home, how to handle things, manage time and how to tackle people. When he was with his parents he used to think that the world is a small place but now he has realised that the world is huge and you grow older and older but still keep learning new things.

By Neema Atheen


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