Restaurant Review: Dhiya’s Kitchen

One afternoon, while looking for somewhere to eat after a failed attempt at going to Cafe Xtasi, some friends and I stumbled across this restaurant. The first impression it gives you is of a refined roadside dhabha with a hippie vibe.
They have both indoor and outdoor seating. We chose to sit outdoors (on a different occasion, I tried the indoor seating and found the diwans uncomfortable and so I definitely recommend sitting outside). We were immediately hit with amazing smells coming from the nearby kitchen. After meeting the co-owner/ head chef/Diya’s mother who gave us some recommendations, we proceeded to place our order.

What we tried:
• Goan fish curry and Ghee rice
• Chicken fried rice
• Channa masala
• Palak Paneer
• an assortment of Naans

All the food tasted incredible, and I literally can’t think of any negatives. On subsequent visits, I tried a couple more dishes, out of which the Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Rogan Josh deserve special mention. Diya’s kitchen is owned by Mr Ram and his wife, both of whom are almost always available at the restaurant (along with their daughter Diya, the namesake of the restaurant and her two puppies, Brownie and Black Brownie) to provide any assistance. The staff and service are both pretty decent. The only downside is that they currently do not have a card machine. Overall Diya’s kitchen is a good place for when you crave a good hearty North Indian meal, and they deliver to PIMS, for a nominal base amount. Give this place a try when you want to escape the monotony of everyday food.

By Deepthi Rachel Verghese


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