The Girl

Disclaimer: Fictitious writing. All resemblance to anybody is coincidental. To all those women who are whole because they had to pick up the pieces as a girl.

To a time so beautiful,
It was all about friendships and made up families,
The light was shining through the trees,
But she didn’t know.

They’d play all day long,
No cares or troubles,
Laugh in the classrooms,
But she didn’t know.

Full of innocence were those three,
For two their eyes met,
They went on adventures,
But she didn’t know.

They were going on a journey that went nowhere,
Will we reach she asked,
The silence was so loud,
It deafened.

Keep our adventures a secret they said,
Such an awake safe keeper was she,
Her pillows were damp from the truth,
She never knew.

She asked if this was her life,
They said yes,
She lost herself,
She never knew.

She ran to a friend,
Who told her to take the next turn after bad decisions,
And so she did,
She never knew.

He looked sideways,
Hell broke loose,
What did it all mean,
They were all she knew.

Everything said and done behind people,
Blood in her veins crashed like waves,
It was torture,
They held the knife.

She’d break out into cold sweat,
Every single time she saw them,
Her heart was in her throat,
It choked her.

Like an addict on crack,
She relapsed back onto them,
Divine intervention happened,
Her phone crashed.

He asked for her,
She wasn’t there,
She slid through the walls,
She made space.

She hung her head low,
A hand touched her back,
She flinched and looked up,
She saw smiling faces.

They held her hand,
She climbed forward,
She touched the clouds,
She couldn’t see them anymore.

Dots connect when looking backward,
Problems don’t just happen,
It did make a ninja-warrior-princess,
And now she knows.

She sleeps peacefully and smiles,
That was not who she was,
Confident woman,
She knows.

By Rhea Suzanne John


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