The One Hour Dream

I was standing in the lecture hall, in front of my students. I was working as an Anatomy AP in that college. I said,” Hello students, today’s lecture is on the eyeball”. I put up the slide and said, “Please copy the diagrams. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask”. The lecture was going on. One boy stood up and asked, “Sir, What is the nerve supply of the scalp?” I stood silently, trying to remember the innervation of the scalp, but my mind went blank. So, I said to him, “I will tell the answer later”. At last, the lecture came to the end and I started to take the attendance, starting with “Roll No. 1”. Suddenly I heard someone call out ‘Roll No. 135’. I woke up and said, “Yes Ma’am”.

Only then did I realise that I had been sleeping for the last one hour. Ma’am came in front of me and asked,” Tell me, what are the layers of the cornea?” I stood silently, thinking hard, but the answer didn’t come to my mind. She shouted at me and left the class. Oh, sorry for not mentioning this earlier. I am a First year medical student. In both real life and in the dream, I was unable to answer the question. This was because I had slept in those classes. So, it is my kind advice to medical students to not sleep during the lectures. That even made my dream difficult. Dreaming is good, but dreaming in lectures is not good.

By Surya Ram


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