True Friendship

“I’m disheartened with my life. Even if I want to fight, what is that I’m
fighting for?”
A late evening text message sent from a person who has lost
all hope, desire and passion;
These three important things which are always needed,
To achieve dreams of our own.
Sometimes things never go our way,
Because life has its own way of testing us;
By doing so, Life takes out the fight even in the bravest in heart.
Just when some of us had thought about giving up the fight,
You receive another text message;
“For you, who still have not yet established a name on the society;
For your parents, who believe in you to achieve your goals;
For your sibling, who is going to turn to you when she has a problem;
For me, who is constantly supporting you;
The fight is still there.
You just have to make sure you fight it.
Sometimes you get tired of fighting,
Then take a break,
But never quit;
Because it would just get worse if you give up”
This kind of reply which we receive is from that person we call friend;
Possibly the only form of relationship that doesn’t need the approval of
religion, caste or other boundaries.
In a materialistic world where global warming is thought to be the biggest threat,
It is the deterioration of LOVE and AFFECTION among us that actually pose a threat.
Still, yes we are lucky enough to have true friends.

By Harshavardhanan


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