Feature the teacher: Dr Mittali Sethi

There are many facets to Dr Mittali Sethi. She is a Punjabi, an Orthodontist, UPSC AIR 56. Most of all, she is one of the most incredible people we have ever had the fortune to meet, and that is a very honest sentiment. Trying to find the right words to describe Mittali ma’am is almost unfathomable(herContinue reading “Feature the teacher: Dr Mittali Sethi”

The Autobiography Of A Myocardial Fibre

These writings were the result of the very innovative students of the 2015-2016 batch and the humanities class which stimulated their creativeness. The topic that we decided on was ‘the autobiography of a myocardial fibre’. When it was announced in class, there was the usual mixture of emotions. Some people loved the idea while othersContinue reading “The Autobiography Of A Myocardial Fibre”

Our Mother, Our Pride

Into the world we came, to witness the universe; Still then, hearing the beats of the foetal world; Coming out with tears of pain and gain; Indeed giving you the pain of joy. Wrapped up in a pure cloth, thy showing the innocence of heart; Reclining near the soul giving soul, Establishing the everlasting joyContinue reading “Our Mother, Our Pride”

Restaurant Review: Dhiya’s Kitchen

One afternoon, while looking for somewhere to eat after a failed attempt at going to Cafe Xtasi, some friends and I stumbled across this restaurant. The first impression it gives you is of a refined roadside dhabha with a hippie vibe. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. We chose to sit outdoors (on aContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Dhiya’s Kitchen”